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In the last few months, India has surely established its disdain with queues. And we are conditioned to anticipate queues at every occasion. Airports, traffic jams and weddings. Yet nothing is a bigger buzz-kill than the queue. And killing the queue is amidst the many reasons why MiXStudio has established itself as the best caterers in Delhi!

Any caterer worth his salt, literally, is judged primarily by their food. While food is the epicenter, the experience around it determines its success.

Coming back to queues, picture this.Guests dressed in fineries stand in a single line with plates. A two inch gap is maintained between two guests. Some creative hosts divide the food counters in categories and disperse them away from one another. In turn, the smaller cliques and crowds form near the counters. While good food often overrides these accepted glitches, contemporary Indian catering needs to push the envelope. That’s where MiXStudio steps in.  Read our previous article on making the best of your caterer

Orchestration of services

MiXStudio does not merely cater; it choreographs services with the precision of artistic recital. Starting from the food menu to managing food waste, MiXStudio has streamlined its handiwork into exhaustive details. Say, determining the menu. Often familiar food is easy to execute and guests are happy within their comfort zones. But MiXStudio spins newer twists to conventional palates. A Bengali-French wedding explores possibilities with common ingredients. Both regions use mustard in their food. The French like their mustard raw and potent, the sort that hits the roof of your and attacks the nasal cavity. Bengalis like their mustard cooked which gives it a creamier consistency. Occasionally, raw mustard is used as a dip in Bengali Cuisine. MiXStudio experiments with possibilities that marries both and serve with a twist. So a fiery raw mustard dip could be tempered with mangoes to mellow its impact. You might want to check flavor profiling to understand menu design nuances

Best Caterers in Delhi

Wedding Tasting Menu

Change in Delhi’s High Profile Catering

An American South Indian wedding got them investigating Indian dry rubs with the American barbeque sauces. The familiarity holds the guests’ attention while a novel essence, aroma or texture breaks traditional monotony.

The fare is then designed like art on a platter. Buffets seldom do justice to details carved by the chef. Long lines get people piling their plates to avoid second helpings. Plus most venues equate quantity and variety with superior service. While a venue boasts of ‘everything’ on their dining options; most guests experience a confusion of fusions. But the same belief system leads to wastage.While we Indians love to feed our guests till the brim, food wastage is an issue facing global concerns.

Why Sit downs & Pre plated catering makes MiXStudio The best caterers in delhi & Gurgaon

Pre-plated meals are elegant and efficient. Guests are seated peacefully at designated tables, making merry or networking. Food is served in five to twelve courses. It makes an understated appearance with each course and the guests are attended personally. The portions are usually bite-sized and neatly plated. The variety is maintained but wastage is reduced to a minimum. There are no queues nor a lady’s saree ‘pallu’ swimming in a plate held by the person behind her!

And to execute the same with zilch lapses an entire army of waiters, maître d’hôtel, assistants and helpers work in tandem behind the scenes. So while a collected waiter serves and attends a table, ten flustered helpers scurry in kitchens to dish out the next dish. Add another layer of complexity to this orchestration when the menu is customised to guest preference. MiXStudio prefers to accommodate meat and vegetable preferences and customise menus for each individual.

Every plate must mirror the other. Each element in a dish is served at a set temperature. The temperatures must be regulated as each waiter transfers them from kitchen to tables. The timing has to be bang on! If the waiters arrive at any table before its patrons finish their course, therein arises an uncomfortable situation for the guest. If the waiter is delayed by a few seconds, the food could have gone cold or worse, a dessert would have melted en-route! Hence, at any given event, the number of waiters is equal to the number of guests. And way before the food plated and serve, does the actual cooking commence.

best caterers delhi

Cream cheese edible flowers

The Prep

Merely executing one evening consumes months of research, brainstorming and planning. For each clientele has a specific requirement. And most importantly every event must supersede the former. So while the French-Bengali wedding revelry enjoyed its mustard, fish and meat; the next clientele, albeit same ethnicity will experience a different twist in the tale. This enables the studio to grow with every project they embark on. And lastly, with the perfect choreography, music and accompanists; food speaks. Be it buffets or seated and plated meals; guests remember flavours over everything else. At an elegant and peaceful sit-down dinner, the memories linger longer. So while MiXStudio is a cut above the others with their impeccable service, the same service essentially exposes them to detailed criticism. But they are more than ready to take the bull by its horns, head on! ans it’s no surprise why we are the best caterers in delhi


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