We’ve been doing some gigs this March and it was a lot of fun and definitely exhausting too! Here is a list of things we did that keeps us cushy within the slot of the best caterers in Delhi.

The Amaara farm menu started with an elaborate spread of Indian fusion, European and Asian
Mediterranean spread using edible flowers

Assorted edible flowers

We did elaborate use of colors and edible flowers, using fresh nasturtium leave and flowers to lend these condiments a spicy sweet flavour, and a great visual appeal that.



Here is a small video from The Delhi Golf club

This was the seated arrangement with soft music playing at the back drop, non intrusive atmosphere, no loud music. The attention seeker for the evening was the decor and food.


The pass around used more than 20 waiters on the floor and 15 staf at the kitchen wait and pickup area.

VIP Table setting from the best caterers in Delhi

Best wedding catering in Delhi

Seating area of wedding reception








The seating area had subtle golden embroidered table cloth, we used silverware to offer a striking contrast to the table setting, floral arrangements mostly whites and pink hued roses amplified the center of the table making each guest feel like a VIP and reinforce that this is the best experience money can buy.


European dessert counter

Dessert section – Pastry


The desserts section comprised of Indian desserts, Italian Gelatos, cakes and pastries! The spread was mostly cheese, chocolate and cream based from light to heavy flavor profiles. The elaborate spread makes for varied choices in the menu and makes you find immediate contact to your inner child and want more!


Delhi wedding catering location

Wedding reception location




The wedding location was the flamboyant Delhi golf course, set around acres of greenery, mildly nipped air and warm golden lit hues in the decor and varied aromas of food, from an anti pasti station that I managed personally. To certain garnishes in and around the food settings.






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