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 Best caterers in Delhi In the last few months, India has surely established its disdain with queues. And we are conditioned to anticipate queues at every occasion. Airports, traffic jams and weddings. Yet nothing is a bigger buzz-kill than the queue. And killing the queue is amidst the many reasons why MiXStudio has established itself as

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Top Catering Ideas for an awesome party

Theme for kids First ascertain the theme for the party, is it a kids party (note a kids first birthday party may not have toddlers and small kids, perhaps adults may be present, it makes sense have a adults dressed as toddlers or animals such as the tallest man turns to giraffe costume and hippopotamus

Molecular cuisine and catering in India

  Changing facets of Indian Catering MiXStudio focusses on modern cuisine aka molecular gastronomy, while being the front runner way back in 2010 as possibly the first demonstration of molecular cuisines in India, here again the possible first mover to incorporate molecular or seated catering in India on such scales Molecular gastronomy: where science meets cooking

Office catering

The best office inauguration catering in Delhi for chase legal

Best office inauguration Catering in Delhi – Chase Legal – Kailash Colony   Let us present you some images and menu feeler from last nights event catering. Yes we’re obsessed about being the best   We turned around this event in a matter of hours of being approached, we closed the menu at 11 am