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Best Caterers in Delhi

 MixStudio : Best caterers in Delhi In the last few months, India has surely established its disdain with queues. And we are conditioned to anticipate queues at every occasion. Airports, traffic jams and weddings. Yet nothing is a bigger buzz-kill than the queue. And killing the queue is amidst the many Read more…

margarine vs butter
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Margarine vs butter

Margarine vs butter : How to choose   Butter and margarine are used as spreads on bread and also for cooking and baking. There is a lot of controversy over the use of butter and margarine when it comes to their comparative health benefits. Fast facts on butter vs. margarine: The choice is really between trans fats Read more…

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The history of Chilli

Chilli Arrive in the Land of Pepper. 16th Century Indian composer Purandaradasa eulogised the fruit thus, “Saviour of the poor, enhancer of good food, fiery when bitten,” COLUMBUS FIRST encountered the chilli in 1492. Less than 20 years after its discovery in America, the frisson of chillies spread from one Read more…