Flavour profiles work makes a great food event

Flavour-making is the secretive world of food, Understanding to combine and balance flavors is an important cooking concept that will allow you to create flavoursome dishes and rectify errors as required, but once you understand the concept. Errors are near minimum


We will discuss an important aspect of our menu development, making flavour profiles work.

These flavour profile define or compose the recipes and in exchange together create the flavour journey of the entire menu

What is the benchmark of great food, why is it when you go to an event catered by a few it doesn’t leave much an impression. let’s figure something out, most chefs won’t like to be challenged of!

Main Course color plating

Flavour profile composition -Main Course color plating

Colours in menu creation

The most important and simplest way to enhance the experience is the food colour. In the case of developing a Catering menu, assuming the client suggests two appetisers in vegetarian  one of cottage Cheese the other of feta cheese.

I would suggest to avoid one. The conflicts is in the similarities factors of being a dairy products and most importantly colour, the flavour will have under currents of similarities

Contrasting ingredients need involvement here, e.g. cracked pepper corn.
A cherry  tomato saucy dip, texture, so lets add some hard bread since cheese is soft…
In short Peppers, Tomato & breads are pretty much out of the appetiser menu

Flavpur profile and colour profile go in extremes, diverse colours have a lending to the flavors, maybe colouful food Is just psychologically more attractive for the same reason. IT denotes diversity in the flavour proifles.


So lets look at an opposite colour maybe aubergine, since the dairy based starter was mild lets look at warmer flavours, aubergine is warm, olive oil will make it smoother, slices crispy and balsamic mostly itlalian, so the above dairy can now be cottage cheese to strike out Italian similarities.

Intensity and flavour journey

it is always a good idea to serve the first course of menu which is mild flavour, so the second round could be slightly warmer, and finally something a bit hotter

maybe jalapeño peppers with olives in a shashlik skewers


This will give you an illustration of flavour profiles

Bon apetit!

Manav Paul –

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Flavour profle wheel Menu Creation

flavour profile chart






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