Shortlist a caterer – Simple tips on how to know your caterer is the best


This simple act lets you know how good they are and check for common social circle, maybe spy on Facebook to check if you have common friends. Ask the caterer who are his clients ensure you call them. Check online for brand name of chef behind it. Most caterers are contractors, the good one will be a chef. You’re in better hands with a chef.


Do they have necessary licenses & health clearances

Check if your caterer has relevant licenses and permissions to conduct a business, this is equally important for off site catering & off site catering. Do they comply to FSSAI regulations. For catering in India FSSAI clearance is required.


Check if your caterer provides for insurance for any fire or heath or act of a god hazards.


Full Service

It is important that one checks for level of service, wait staff, soft bar area, service staff, supervisor and manager. If the caterer is relies on limited staff, it isn’t the best option. This includes, table setting, bar service, clean up and transport

Cutlery Quality

Cutlery & Napkin

A sample image of cutlery and napkin never hurts, table cloth and napkins are essential colours that you may need to discuss with your event manager, it may just be right to out them up across, they both know there jobs and mediating could only complicate or for that matter ruin it for you.

Table Setup

Delhi – Burman wedding lunch

Setup & Display

For wedding, the display will matter, it is important that references and display is well discussed. Display can be elaborate. edible to non edible. Focus on edible is important, like cheese boards and platters and merely having fruits may help a decor, but increases wastage. Ensuring counters that serve and display is a good way to go

Trisha's wedding

Display Trisha’s wedding Delhi Nov 2016

Food Specialty

Its important to know your menu requirement even before you know who’s the best catering brand. If you choose MiXStudio catering services, we’d suggest european continental, Pan Asian, thats Manav’s skill area.

 Yes Indian food from our Delhi Branch and definitely Goan food from our destination wedding caring unit in Goa. However Mumbai has an elaborate street food expertise.

Check for your gluten, vegan and vegetarian requirement, ensuring a 60% vegetarian fare and 40% non vegetarian with chicken, fish, mutton and prawn does well. During winters we’d suggest barbecue being the best catering option. Also Kosher, Halal or range of frozen produces

Sushi Platter MiXStudio Catering services

Sushi Platter

Price Range

We start from a minimum of Rs 1900 for vegetarian  and Rs 2000 non vegetarian India fare, upwards thereafter. So its only wise to not choose a caterer who’s pricing starts at Rs 600 for a full-service at our price points. We’re equipped to deliver a full service logistics better with much ease than any economical counter parts.

Finalised Head Count

Ensure you or your event manager brings in the final RSVP, this is important for the caterer and work the minimum guarantee accordingly.

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