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Mojito bubbles that burst as you eat!


Changing facets of Indian Catering

MiXStudio focusses on modern cuisine aka molecular gastronomy, while being the front runner way back in 2010 as possibly the first demonstration of molecular cuisines in India, here again the possible first mover to incorporate molecular or seated catering in India on such scales

  • Molecular gastronomy: where science meets cooking and the results are mind game treats you can eat.
  • Molecular gastronomy is novelty at large, that is also about the strange form of science-based cooking
  • Illustration above is a common cocktail  mojito, in the shape of a sphere
  • Molecular gastronomy or modern cuisine is more about changing the typical form of food to misinterpret what’s obvious

The first movers in Molecular Gastronomy

Caviar Pearls make an amazing visual treat

Balsamic caviar pearls

It took Manav about a few thousand dollars, 20 months, 30 odd books and a few accidental explosions in the kitchen to be prepared with the 4 basic methods of modern cuisines. We started this in Goa

  • These methods would be turning juices into caviars, displaying liquid nitrogen to freeze stuff into instant frozen desserts. Ingredient names can be names like carrageenan, maltodextrin and xanthan.

Paneer poppers with cinnamon smoked smoked Mango puree

Paneer poppers with cinnamon smoked smoked Mango puree

Modern Menu examples Molecular cuisine and catering in India

Clear Canapé – Modern Japanese- Asparagus, Miso Foam, Malt

Crumble with rosemary flower

This is a clear canape that melts in the mouth with malt crumble

entrees savory flavor

Sherry Wine Caviar – served with fresh buffalo mozzarella

This process of making tiny spheres make an attractive garnish over

creamy mousse for desserts and entrees

Paneer Tikka accompanied with wasabi mint air

Malai tikka chicken with mushroom and truffle cream

Spicy wasabi & cool mint air is accompanied with tikka

Truffle foamy cream lends an element of rich flavour

Tofu mousse with sesame seeds and matcha green tea

Matcha Tea Panacotta with chocolate dust

Flavored ice cubes that slowly release essential flavours

Spaghetti made of pesto with balsamic caviar & roasted peach

Modern sous vide plating Molecular cuisines

Modern sous vide plating Molecular cuisines

Pickled beetroot carpaccio with Orange & goat cheese

Large smoke dome display for smoking meats and cold cuts live using

essential oils & Hickory smoke

Assorted arrangement: Cured salmon, Prosciutto, Parma Ham, Crudo,

Quail Eggs,

Menu Options

TRUFFLE MUSHROOM SOUP, Parmesan Cream, Pickled Mushrooms

Lemon Mint clear Jaljira

Lemon Mint clear Jaljira

ROASTED BEET SALAD, Apples, Arugula, Walnuts & Blue Cheese

MISO-GLAZED EGGPLANT, Spring Onion, Sesame Yogurt, Sesame Crumble

Sous Vide Vegetables with underlight effect

12 hr slow cured vegetables in Sous vide with glass underlighting as

food warmer creating a dramatic white/yellow hue effect

Sous Vide Asparagus with mushroom dust & truffle oil

Sous Vide Pork Belly with Mirin Glaze & Hoisin Caviar Garnish

Sous vide quail breasts, teriyaki glaze, champagne caviar, 75 degree

eggs, kokum dust garnish

Examples of underlight display & serving warm pickled fruits with

dehydrated honey on side

Under-light display for Anti Pasto setup

Under-light display for Anti Pasto setup

A rendition of desserts by world’s #1 chef Ferran Adria from

El-Bulli, using honey to create a dehydrated form of Honey dust

Carbonated Mojito bubbles that pop in the mouth to release the drink

Sesame Tuna Carpaccio with orange crisps & Kokum creme

Yellowfin Tuna Tataki, New Zealand Hass Avocado, Tomato Gelée, Sesame


12 hr sous vide Australian lamb racks with cinnamon JD glaze

Aroma fork, using aromatic smokes to enhance flavours

Aroma fork, using aromatic smokes to enhance flavours

In case you’d like to explore the endless possibilities of molecular cuisines, give us a shout and we’d love to hear from you


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