Hey Manav!


Can you do some great presentations for a party?

Yes what kinds?.. Casual, Dressy Casual, Fun kinds?. Sure why not!

And so here they are!…
How about do your own marshmallows? This was done for our Danish & Indian guests, a simple flame bamboo skewers & marshmallows. This was the biggest hit even with the adults…


DIY party ideas

Marshmallow party for kids at Danielle’s house warming – Lawn area.


Lunch party ideas

Catering cheese and cold cuts make for a great display and finger food, especially with white wine cheese and fruits & prosciutto’s,  melons do well… Want to try it? let’s have 2 boards for a party of 50!


Caviar Pearls make an amazing visual treat

Caviar pearls make for a great visual treat, the making and love display adds a great visual treat to the party, caviar pearls are complex to make and fun to watch. We’re possibly the only ones here to do this in a live setup. If you are looking for high quality European food with clean flavours, impressive plating and impeccable service, you must try this out. A great option for everything from a small dinner party to a large event.  We cater for intimate sit down dinners as well as large parties and weddings above 500 people. No event is too small for MiXStudio and we cater weddings, corporate lunch. parties, BBQs, breakfasts, sit down dinners and anything else you have in mind.


Molecular presenantion

molecular recipes


Molecular gastronomy covers the science of cooking and the mind games it can play.. Think lighter cheese. Tomatoes that are more intense and balsamic vinegar in shapes of caviar or maybe some waft of chocolate to the strawberry dessert. Understanding how different foods behave when they are subjected to different conditions of cooking or when we add various organic chemicals to it. This sounds more scientific than it has to be. Not everything needs to be followed to the T and this is why the meaning of molecular gastronomy diversified beyond the point of scientific investigation. The image is of a strawberry crush gelled into a sorbet dessert with air bubbles to make it smooth.  Molecular gastronomy was essentially a rebellion against the standardised food industry – which means that you too can break all the rules.  They are as much fun as the look!


We specialise in such cuisines and will be glad to come up with a menu that’s not just marvellous but breaks the barriers of creativity and creates a memorable dining experience. Get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to assist you



1 thought on “Party food ideas”

Jules fuller · January 5, 2017 at 6:46 pm

Manav that was one of the best evenings we had, thanks so much for the care and attention

You and MiXStudio are undoubtedly the best catering institute in this country…

Thanks once again


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