Asked to replicate a menu- is never a preferred option, but an interesting challenge to surpass expectations with a twist of our very own magic! This was a take on a popular fine dine menu, we just infused layers of our flavour profile. Doing a commercial execution of a menu without any trials and ensuring an individuality that speaks for us was far more pressurising and rewarding. The complexity was adding the MiXStudio layer. There are times when we have been asked to replicate dishes exactly. We do not refuse the challenge (or the money – ‘cos, hey a guys gotta eat), we only recreate a menu that doesn’t offend our sensibilities or disappoints the diner. Win-Win.

Seated Dinner menu gallery


“Food Is The Only Art That Nurtures From Within”


Pass Around Cocktail Sessions

Herb Tofu Bon Bon & Lemon Grass Chutney

Channa Masala Kibbeh, Dahi Tahini

Palak Parmesan Tart With Fresh Ricotta

Khichdi Arancini



Main Course

Burrata With Rocket & Sweet Tomato Jam, Aged Balsamic ~ Riesling Wine

Morel Mussulam, Parmesan Papad


Bharwan Panko Mirch, Goat Cheese Mousse   ~ Cabernet Sauvignon

Raspberry Sorbet

Tadka Veg, Salan Curry

Wild Mushroom Mini Dosai   ~ Merlot

Condensed Milk Caked With Glass Noodle And Berries   ~ Rose Or Sparking Wine


This seated dinner menu was done on April 19th at a client’s residence for 10 diners. It was a gathering of Indians hosting Korean clients and the flavour profile was tweaked to introduce at least one element from different Indian cuisines. When in India do a seated dinner like an Indian, so what if the order of the day was to be ‘inspired’ by some other chef’s menu! We stamped it with our inimitable flavours and Yeh ley! in an Indian accent 😉



Sunil Issar · July 28, 2017 at 11:46 am

A very adventurous menu. Impressed that you pulled this off with pizzaz and elan. No challenge too tough, eh?

    Manav Paul · July 28, 2017 at 12:00 pm

    Glad you liked it Sunil… Thanks!

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