Tilapia wrapped in turmeric leaves


A classic Bengali recipe from the interiors if west Bengal, much lighter and aromatic than the rest! Tumeric leaves have a fantastic galangal type of aroma. No flavor but extremely aromatic, and that’s what give this a great flavour with mustard. Hs been my personal favorite since childhood so it deserves a mention


4 large to med sized tipalias (smaller sized are better)

Cleaned and kept whole (filets will loose moisture easily)

Tumeric leaves available in monsoon season only

1.5 tablespoon whole mustard soaked in water (paste made thru hand grounding would be awesome)

A pinch of cumin seeds soaked along with that

Fresh green chili as per taste I used 5-6 and had decent heat

2 Pinches of tumeric powder


Marinade the fish with tumeric salt and mustard oil after making few slits on the body that’s diagonal and inward to the bone not straight and set it aside in fridge wrapped in cling film. 2hrs should be good

Make a paste of the mustard extremely fine add a bit of tumeric and mustard oil to this paste. Using a pestle grind the green chilli and add it to the strained mustard paste using a thick strainer.

Now adjust seasoning to the paste. The paste reduces in oven or flat pan so a notch lower in salt should be adjusted likewise

On a tray place the tumeric leaves on the base then coat a thin layer on the fish with mustard paste and place them on the leaves, cover the fish tumeric leaves on too top

Pre heat oven to 180 degrees c and place the fish in oven for 20 mins

Remove from oven let it stand for a few minutes and serve

If using a pan on fire, use very low heat and ensure a foil below the tumeric leaf base.

Do glaze the leaves with oil to avoid sticking of leaves into the fish

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Bon Apetit & enjoy your Tilapia wrapped in turmeric leaves –

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