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A rainforest in your home!

Aquariums are powerful fixtures in your home or office. They help you take a break & relax. Our all natural aquariums take you one step further. They magically transport you to another place! How?

Our aquariums are living ecosystems, complete with fish & living plants, which not only are pleasing to look at, but also emit an aroma of your favourite holiday destinations – amazonian rainforest, tropical forest & more!

You’ll literally always have a piece of your dream destination in your home or office, sights, sounds, smells & all! Seems exciting?

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Our method for creating aquariums can be defined as

1. Understanding the existing decor concept and exploring design theme

2. Narrow down the type of aquarium namely type of planted tank

3. Space identification and natural light and power availability

4. Defining space for aquarium lighting equipment and equipment storage in a single console

5. Design approvals

6. Execution & installation

Typically even the smallest project takes up a minimum of 40 days to execute, because its the detail that counts not the water encased in glass


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