Best catering services in gurgaon

best catering services in gurgaon – It’s funny how one gets categorised as the best catering services in gurgaon, a few good gigs and people swear by you, they tend to forget the past players in some ways and make way for new! It is as funny as asking, what is the best colour in the world, there can’t be one. But, it is good to be there…. Rene Redzepi – Noma The best take a long journey and that can be broken down to many pointers

Indian Wedding food and the menu construct for Gurgaon catering parties

Delhi wedding menu construct is a lot to do with Indian food, primarily Tandoori’s and gravies, invention within this scope is largely well received, the most flamboyant parties with multiple counters and spreads will receive the most demand on the Indian food section. Street food counters are equally, if not more popular. Wedding parties will see a beeline for street food especially dairy products like daulat key chaat  & kullad wali chai in winters. Live counters favorites have been dim sum counters and teppanyaki grills. Pasta has turned more of a birthday party phenomenon for kids and it’s good to witness this evolution. We’re more open to newer cuisines and that makes innovation viable. Having said that the national bird of Delhi still remains the unmistakable Tandoori chicken. However these are the building blocks to what we think makes us the best catering services in gurgaon

Differences between Delhi & Goa

Our founding brand in Goa MiX Bar & Grill  that caters off site projects however sees a varied array of menu interest, mostly European fare & Pan Asian that range from clean crisp to bold flavours, this is mostly due to the clientele the mood and the beach location & destination weddings we do. Cuisine choices in Goa would be a personal affair, mostly beers party food and lots of meat courses cocktails and high spirits in your food. Finger food consumption is the highest and meat courses like grilled prawns and fish best catering services in gurgaon Finger food platters Delhi and its growing popularity of barbeques  during Delhi winters Party service usually sees a lot more of clean and aesthetically pleasing food. Most menu done for parties needs to be practical for service, pleasing to the eye and non-messy to the hands. Our barbeque menu has seen a great demand and the biggest and the best winner from our 2016-17 menu. Assorted meats vegetables and diary do best in Delhi for cold winter evenings. Such menus and a great wine & cheese pairing as the surest winner for your evening. An assorted menu with Indian grills & red wine is a great way to enjoy the Delhi winters & a warm dinner. Such parties and catering services should always include things like roasts on the menu, the deep brown roast flavouring is the best pairing for wines and dark spirits which we so enjoy. Especially the open venues of Chattarpur or open lawn spaces of Gurgaon make for a great winter roast venue. The north part of India gives this great opportunity as opposed to Mumbai or Goa venues where warm menus can make one feel extremely heavy. A large part of the incumbent caterers’ services should be menu composition unlike the typical quantity flow one proposes such as 2 veg starters 2 non-veg etc, this method is a good indicator for a bill of quantity not a menu flow or a dinner composition. A great meal encompasses ingredient or foods to complement each other, when Winter roast menu trials 2017 MiXStudio.

best catering services in gurgaon

best catering services in gurgaon

Being the best catering services in Gurgaon

We had an awesome time doing a catering party at a villa, when contacted the client asked us to do what we do best and left it all to us, we took inputs of the client profile their demographics and travel and food tastes. The menu cuisine was no other than continental, very few north India elements like cottage cheese that did not disturb the European flow. The entire food catering was done on location, ovens hot ranges boilers and a staff strength of 25 to coordinate cook and serve for a party of 50 people. Such are the logistics we loved to operate on and exactly the reason where every guest feels wanted and paid attention to, constant feedback to the kitchen on each dish delivered and how was this batch of appetisers felt. Yes, we need a decent amount of space for a kitchen and have our supervisor occupy each corner of the venue to oversee the service. Perhaps that’s what qualifies MiXStudio as the best caterer in Gurgaion and NCR. Watch this video and see the making of balsamic caviar pearls

Event Concepts by the best catering services in gurgaon

Each party or occasion is different, importantly there is always a host, and their want for a memorable party, this concept is derived from the host and their personality especially if there is a story behind that can be manifested into food or décor once the reason and intention and the guest list is established MiXStudio can propose the menu composition basis the amount of people and space available. No individuals or stories are ever similar, why should the menu? We want to leave you, wanting for more. We want to be the inseparable element of letters that create words, words that make a prose and in the end, a beautiful poetry. Just like Rene Redzepi said. You will be happy once contacted on how we can create a menu that not only sounds amazing but also looks as classy as a high-end Prix Fixe French concept.

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