black sesame pork

Black sesame pork recipe

After having this on my mind for a while now, this dish was seen as a recipe post and then Atul too made it...

Though I got mixed up with the Naga version made from smoke dried arbi (Colocasia) leaves this came up pretty interesting and similar to that.


I used 700 GMs of pork belly

Marinated it with 2tsp ginger garlic paste, salt 1 ts tumeric and mustard oil

1 large onion sliced

60 gms black sesame soaked overnight and washed plenty.. It's way muddy than I thought,, a warm water soak could be much helpful

Few finely cut strips of ginger
1.5 bhoot jholakia (go easy even 3/4 can be fiery... Think this lent the smoky flavour to the dish

So sesame was ground to a thickish paste, adding very little water, 80ml approx


1 tb, mustard oil, glazed the thick iron bottom pan, Took the ginger strips onion till golden brown and added the pork, till it was mild brown, added the sesame paste, chilli's and kept stirring till the meat was almost dry and sesame was clinging, adjusted salt and noticed the chiili was way hot, excluded half of it,,, half way thru.. I think I helped mellow it.

Add about 600 mls of warm water till it cooked slowly. Added about 100mls of water two times over till it softened.

When ready garnished it with red peppers and green onions..

Notes; smoky salty and hot

Wash the sesame well and ensure it cooks for long in the pork fat.. Go east if using bhoot jholakia. Think end chiili and green chilli garnish could do equally well!

Sticky rice is my favorite to such dishes and does the best, boiled vegetables & Dal add more focus to this dish as mild accompaniments to the spicy & intense notes of the pork. Bon appetite my fellow eaters. Enjoy your black sesame pork!


Just a picture from another favorite of my pork dishes the Goan Pork Sorpotel

Missed Goa and its food, pork sorpotel did its trick...

Portuguese got us chillies vinegar and booze incase you didn't know...
and we forgot black pepper, so much so that European food has black or white pepper and we are the largest produce of chillies. ..


pork sorpotel

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