bombay mutton biryani

bombay mutton biryani


If its Biryani, its mutton, and not Hyderabad spiced but Kolkata or Bombay. Yes that's right - what I think matters and the way I make it absolutely matters.

Bombay Mutton Biryani Recipe

The secret to any non veg dish is the quality of the meat. If that ain't happening, the food ain't happening!Finally I figured a guy for lamb who's met my psycho critical standards of meat cuts.

I can be an angry yet sentimental chef - this recipe is in memory of my uncle, the first and the best chef I ever witnessed. From Hyderabad to Delhi no one comes close!

After my uncle, I set the branch mark by Dum Pukht -not for the starry appeal but the mild balance of flavours unlike the regular non offensively heavy spiced blob of spicy mass called biryani where the chef thought more spices = more flavour.

Like a hot woman dresses, in biryani too less is more.

One thing before you start - the recipe is incidental what actually takes the biryani- or any other dish - to the next level is your technique of cooking. Follow my instructions to the T when I specify temperatures and times - and maybe you'll surprise yourself!


Understand that the complexity of cooking rice and meat together to 100% doneness at the same time is of more importance than the ingredients used or missed.


1.2 kg front shoulder meat (bone in)

6 med sized onions

650 gms basmati rice (could be 850) but I like more meat less rice  - Oh my who doesn't!!!

Shan ready made Mumbai chicken biryani masala (lamb biryani masala is a bit heavily spiced for my liking) the pack was for a kilo of mutton hence 200gms extra to tone down flavours. Yeah when Shan's around who wants to make it from scratch - work smart is my motto;)

Atta good enough for 2 Roti's kneaded for sealing the utensil later

1tbsp ghee

1 med sized tomato

Mint leaves

Curd about 4 tablespoon (whisked)

Paste of ginger and garlic 50:50 proportion of 2 tbsp quantity

Orange hybrid called kinnow . keenu locally in Delhi 3-4 slices and other half reserved for later

Method for the Bombay Mutton Biryani

Heat oil about 150ml to about 200 deg c and start with browning potatoes.

Set aside when brown.

Now julienne onions and fry them to a lovely golden brown-reserve half for meat and turn other half aside for the rice.


Add mutton to the onion.

Add tomato with the earlier marinated masala powder w ginger garlic paste.

Continue stirring the meat till its almost cooked and the oil separates from the meat.

Now add the whisked curd and a bit of water and further reduce the gravy.

Till the oil separates from off the meat ( this is critical for a good dum) leaving a rich base of thick gravy.

I separately used chicken stock to boil pre soaked rice in a rapid boil using a bay leaf.


Soaking for about 30 Mins help retain better moisture within the rice for a good dum.

Use chicken stock to boil pre soaked rice in a rapid boil using a bay leaf.

When the rice is about 75% cooked remove it and strain it.

Spread the rice on a large tray to cool off under a fan.The steam will otherwise cook the rice.

Cool the rice so that after dum the rice comes off well separated. Add ghee to rice after it's spread off evenly.. Mix rice and ghee by hand to only after its cooled down so as to not break the rice

Now sprinkle onions in the reserved onions to the rice, reserve a bit for the garnish..
Now make layers of 50% lamb then rice then lamb again and rice.

Garnish with mint, reserved onions. Squeeze the kinnow juice on top, and the few slices on top.

Now put the lid on the biryani and seal off with the dough.

For the Dum I used the oven as it offers a 360 degree warm area compared to traditional bottom heat that cooks the base first.

Oven temp 140 degrees and 20 mins of heat time.

Lid off and let it cool a bit.

Serve with raita, salan or eat as is!


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Bon Appetit!