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We undertake salads appetisers main courses cheeses desserts for sit down dinners to fit any culture & traditions.

Best catering service in Delhi – Our typical size for a full-service spread would be  20-25 persons with a ratio of 7 guests to 1 server. MiXStudio can assist with full service and menu construct.

best outdoor catering in delhi

Pre-plated seated dinner service at Chattarpur farm Delhi for 800 guests

Delhi is the really the queen of cities when it comes to foods. A wide variety of cuisines, ranging from street chaat to Mughlai, to western continental are available, appreciated & enjoyed by its citizens. The city is is known for hosting some of the most fabulous house parties, weddings & corporate events in India. No wonder that when these events happen, the citizens look for the best catering services in Delhi to not only entertain their guests but to tickle their taste buds & make it a memorable event for them!

And that’s where we come in! We at Mix studios have been in the food business for a very long time! How long, you ask? We’ve been at it for over 15 years! And in that time, we’ve carved for ourselves a special place in the market for providing catering services in Delhi. We’ve done this by offering our own unique takes on the types of food the city & its citizens love & cherish.

Let’s take a look at some of our dishes which guests & patrons have come to love & adore.

Best caterers in Delhi

European plated biryani

This is our modern take on a classic favourite. Our biryani is as a succulent dum biryani should be. Mildly spiced & infused with generous portions of meat or vegetables, it is full of flavour! With its modern European style plating it is a sure fire crowd puller & forms the lynchpin of our catering services in Delhi. We’ve never had a single guest, Indian or foreigner who hasn’t appreciated this dish! Yes, it’s that popular!

Best caterers in delhi

Best caterers in delhi

Charcoal grilled lamb

Kebabs are a quintessential part of any party in Delhi. In fact without kebab & biryani, it would be like a wedding without the bride & groom! We present to you our delectable take on the classic kebab! The lamb is coated with our super secret (hush!) spice rub, marinated overnight & then slow grilled right before your event to turn it into that tender, juicy, flavourful & aromatic morsel of meat that you expect it to be! Truly, no menu by any catering services in Delhi would be complete without an option of such high quality chunks of lamb!

best caterers in delhi

Contemporary Kebab platter India Menu – Private Event

Best outdoor caterers in Delhi

Goan crab curry

Ah Goa! The land of party, seafood, beaches, booze, party, fun & frolic! Did we mention party?  Delhi wallahs have long had a love affair with the mystic land of Goa. We appreciate everything about it, from cuisine to culture! And believe us, nobody knows Goa like we do (we ran a hugely popular restaurant there!). We’ve served our Goan crab curry to our Delhi guests so many times & listened to so much of their feedback that by now we’ve pretty much perfected it! We’ll serve you succulent pieces of crab in a way that no other catering services in Delhi can!

Best outdoor caterers in delhi

Best outdoor caterers in delhi


Paneer canapé

Best catering service in Delhi

Ok, this one isn’t really totally western, it’s actually a cool blend of western & Indian. It combines Paneer, a staple diet in Indian cuisine with a quintessentially Spanish style of serving to create a mouth watering, tasty, tangy hors d’oeuvre that you’ll find simply irresistible! If you love Delhi food you can’t not like this dish! It’s paneer in a totally different, western avatar & is another one of our signature dishes part of our catering services in Delhi.

Best Wedding Caterers in Goa

Paneer Canapes

Tuna Wasabi

This dish is yet another gem from our starters collection & definitely not for the faint-hearted! Those of us who’ve tasted wasabi know the stinging sensation it releases throughout your body & mind the moment you place it on the tip of your tongue. It’s phenomenal!  This dish combines that phenomenal sensation with some mouth popping flavours and fresh, juicy tuna to deliver the stuff of legends, if you are brave enough to dare to try it! This is a dish which is just right for cocktail parties where people tend to get a little adventurous, especially after a few drinks (wink, wink!) This super starter is available exclusively through our catering services in Delhi.

Best Wedding Caterers in India

Prawn mayo cocktail

How can any serving of food be complete without prawns! This dish has the word cocktail inserted right in the name of the dish, hence no prizes for guessing what it’s meant for! It’s juicy & succulent prawns with tangy lime & lemony flavours. An ideal dish to impress your cocktail guests. They will definitely want to know whom you have contracted for catering services in Delhi!

Best Caterers in South Delhi

These dishes are just a trailer & not really a movie. Our repertoire of dishes is extremely large & we’ve got dishes for every occasion, formal or informal. And don’t for a moment that we only do non-vegetarian dishes. We do vegetarian dishes just as well. Don’t hesitate to ask us for them! Do you have a special occasion coming up? Then you can just hand over the food bit to our catering services in Delhi & rest easy! We’re thorough professionals & will get the job done for you!

To check out a bigger selection of our dishes or to know more about our catering services in Delhi, click here. Be sure to leave us your phone number!