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Featured as number India’s 1 restaurants

Indian Express on Top Indian Eateries

By Magandeep Singh

Manav Paul MiX listed as #1 eatery in India

MixStudio: Simply put, the best meats in India! for that price, I do not know of anyone, save for our man Manav Paul, who hangs (cures) their meats and then serves up the most succulent and juicy pieces of meat ever. Big hotels, come here and be amazed! – Magandeep Singh Indian Express

Defence Expo 2016 – Client Russian Defence Secretary

MiXStudio Outdoor Catering qualifies most international guidelines in hygiene & execution capability & quality that surpasses international quality checks standards. Hence MiXStudio is the de-facto choice of VIP catering & Pre plated service provider in India for International delegates, expositions and formal dinners. Be it international Exhibitions, Expositions Seated Private dinners. Manav was undoubtedly the most promising from proposal to execution stage. He bid against the star rated chains to emerge the winner single-handedly.



Anil & Marianne Rao – PCI- Pest Control India

“I met Manav Paul for the first time, in Goa when I was looking for a caterer for my ‘first’ big party there!!!!I was convinced he would come through…..I was very pleased with the menu he offered…. I would like to add that he obligingly added some dishes of my choice that were not on his menu! Dday…..and he setup a superb table, leaving me and my guests delighted!”

Anil Rao MD PCIL

Anil Rao MD – PCIL

Venue – Goa, Occasion – House warming
party, Food Theme –  European & Goan
Cuisine, Buffet Self Service Type, 100+ guests – Big Hits – Strawberry
Avocado Salad, Suckling Pig & Carpaccio


Notable Top Indian Chefs 


Manav Paul listed top chef's

Wiki Mentions Manav Paul as Notable Indian Chef


Dr. Oetker Wikipedia




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