Pork Dohkhlieh recipe

Dohkhlieh is a traditional recipe from meghalaya, which is a small and hilly town which boast of great cuisine. If khasis are passionate about their music so are they of their food. Dohkhlieh is a typical khasi pork dish and  everyone has their own style of making it.  Dohkhlieh is a pork salad using the best local produce you get there.
You can play with lettuce leaves, tomatoes, bean, scallions, chives and of course use the best quality of pork. The recipe brings up it's flavor from the zesty lemon (Gondhoraj)


dohkhliehdohkhlieh pork from meghalaya

Here are the simple ingredients you need


Fresh pork preferably the shoulder part 
300 gms cut into bite size
Adjust the fat and meat to your liking i do a ratio of 70:30
70 meat and 30 fat
Tomato -1 medium chopped
Coriander leaves one bunch finely chopped
2 whole green chillies charred and cut finely
Carrot 1 cut into small pieces
Minched ginger 1/2  Tsp
Gondhoraj lebu juice one tsp (this is a lemon variety and not a lime)
Garlic 1/2 Tsp
One medium onion finely chopped

easy  pork recipe


First boil the pork with salt, as i like everything to be quick i pressure cook it for four whistles.
Strain the water through a colander and keep it aside.
Next in a bowl mix all the aforesaid vegetables and add garlic ,ginger, onion and charred  green chillies.
Add one tsp black pepper and combine well .
Now stir fry the pork in a pan for three four minutes to get the flavour .
Mix the pork in the bowl of veggies and add the lemon juice .
Preferably use your hands while making the salad for better taste .
You can skip the veggies if you want but I prefer them as it lends a unique taste.

My next experiment would be to use a bit of Chinese cabbage to this Dohkhlieh recipe

Do try and I am sure you will love it !

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