Xaru begana diya masor jhul
Fish cooked with small brinjals

A quiet and comforting birthday celebrations at home
While kids stormed in making cakes i cooked by favourite fish curry

fish curryIngredients

  • Small brinjal 3 pieces slit lenghtwise
  • Two tbsp onions paste
  • One tejpatta
  • Few dry chillies
  • Kal jeera a spinch
  • Salt and tumeric
  • Jeera powder one n half tsp
  • Red chilli powder for colour one tsp
  • Fresh river fish (make with rui /bahu/kos)
  • I preferred kos fish which has fat
  • One tbsp tomato puree to balance the richness of the fish
  • Ginger paste half tsp


  • First rub salt and tumeric to the fish and keep aside for few mins
  • In a big iron khadai add mustard oil be generous
  • When its smoking hot
  • Fry the fish give three at a time
  • Just half fry the fish and keep aside
  • In the same oil add half tsp sugar
  • When it caramalise add kal jeera
  • Then add the tej patta dry chilli and the onion paste
  • Fry them till the raw smell goes
  • Next add the brinjal salt tumeric jerra powder red chilli powder and tomato puree
  • Saute well
  • Now add one cup hot water and bring it to boil
  • Now add the fish
  • And keep it for two mins or so

fish curry

The fish is tender so be careful
Add dhania leaves and serve hot with plain rice


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