Pork recipe

Pork Recipe- In Bamboo Shoot

Easy easy pork recipe - Pork in Bamboo Shoot

Playing with simple ingredients and keeping the flavours intact has been my style .Cooking for my family has been a source of happiness. It was Manav who told me to pen down and write about my passion for cooking. I shuddered to write but he insisted i do and it took some time for me gather courage to do so.....Here goes the flavours of North-east, which is an easy recipe for pork. This pork recipe  is more of a slow cooker pork casserole method. Where the water is let to cook it and letting it dry with a mild braise in the finish that allows for the intense flavour of bamboo shoot and pork fat blend onto each other.

In case you can't get fresh bamboo shoots you can alternate this pork recipe with canned bamboo shoot. This recipe is extremely different from the traditional east Indian pork recipes or south Indian pork recipe which have dense flavours. This is far more on the salty side and probably needs a beer along side, most preferably the hills and rice beer. Do try this out we're sure you'll enjoy this simple recipe.

Pork with bamboo shoot

Ingredients -

Pork 500 gms (Lean meat, preferably belly fat)
Tender bamboo shoots cut into thin slices
Few pods of garlic
Julienned ginger
Green chilles

Method -

Cut the pork in medium size and place it on a non stick pan. Add salt, water and cover it. Simmer the flame till the pork is half- cooked.
Add bamboo shoot, garlic and julienne ginger and green chilies. Stir for about 2- 3 minutes. Add salt.

By now the oil will separate and everything will combine deliciously with the meat. Turn up the heat finally and ensure they are braised well by gently tossing the meat for half a minute, do not stir or disturb the bamboo, let it rest on the pan for half a minute for the juices to settle on the meat.

Serve with joha rice. Or just munch that up with some chilled beer!

Use pork shoulder meat in case you want more meat and less fat. But a pork lover loves the fat!


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