Polly's Assamese recipes - Fish tenga (An Assam fish curry that's sour )

Assamese recipes are really simple and awesome with mild flavours, this fish curry from Assam fish called Fish tenga is what
the Assamese folks are better known for; Their love for fish tenga curry, Assamese recipes are pure magic of simplicity. especially this. This mild tangy curry is always welcome on a hot humid day . The Assamese cuisine is subtle in flavours and uses the minimum ingredients . Tenga is made with thekera , ou tenga , bamboo shoot , tomatoes and Gondhoraj nimbu .

Dillenia indica Ou Tenga / Elephant Apple or Chalta is grown in South east to North regions of India

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Elephant apple - Ou tenga in Assamese









Here's the quintessential Assamese tenga made with tomatoes and thekera .
Fish katla /rohu /chitol (Chitol fish is used here )



Tomato 5 pieces
Chitol fish 8 pieces
Few bulbs of thekera
Paanch phuron half tsp
Mustard oil


  1. Rub the fish with salt and tumeric and keep aside
  2. In a iron khadai add mustard oil
  3. When it is hot lower the gas flame and half fry the fish
  4. The fish should be fried two at a time making sure not to overcrowd the khadai
  5. While the fish is frying away finy chop the tomatoes take out the seeds
  6. And soak the thekera in water .
  7. Next in the same oil add the paanch phuron when it splutters add the tomatoes and stir gently
  8. Add salt and tumeric and cover it till the tomatoes are mushy
  9. This will take 5 to 7 mins . Now add two cups hot water and bring it to boil for few mins
  10. Next add the  fish and cover for few more mins
  11. Add the thekera add fresh coriander to garnish and assamese fish tenga is ready to be served

Best eaten with joha rice .

This recipe can be accompanied with a mild blanched and sauteed vegetables

In Delhi it may be simpler to order these ingredients from INA market, even if not available on orders they do. Most ingredient are available but Elephant apple /Ou tenga may require ordering. Reach out for it, you will love this recipe


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