fusion paella recipe

fusion paella recipe

Here is my Fusion Paella recipe


About 1200 gms of medium 20 count to a prawns.
Shelled deveined and tail intact

Retain the heads for stock

5 cups of rice

Few garlic cloves

2 med sized onions - julienned

Paprika any (spanish brand that has a sweetish flavour), kashmiri chilli is not a replacement and over powering to this recipe..

Coriander/ Parsley would be better


Lime juice and a few pieces finely sliced- I suggest lemon juice and its rind

2 teaspoons of bottled chives

Sliced Black olives ( i used green)


A stark resemblance to one of my previous post of biryani some take aways from a sea food paella..
The stock preparation this time was that of the prawn head and few drops of fish sauce and a bay leaf...

The heads were thoroughly washed placed in an oven mixed with mild olive oil and a clove of smashed garlic. until the heads turned mildly brown...

Now take this on a stock pot with about 2.5 ltrs of water and keep it on a gentle flame (i used induction cooktop on a 80 degree setting) Boiling can release scum that kills flavours...

Now use this water to boil the pre soaked rice.. Boil the rice on a rapid flame, add a few drips of oil to maintain rice separation. cook about 90%, spread on a tray/flat surface and let cool under a fan/cool area. Sprinkle a bit of on rice paprika once dry.

Take about 2-3 table spoons of olive oil and on high heat toss the prawns for only a minute ensuring its partially cooked.
I like to heat the oil and add a few pinch of paprika and smoke it away and toss the prawn,,, The smoky flavour of paprika is awesome. Set the prawn aside,,, on a flat surface again,,, it will release its juices that can used onto the rice

Take the julienned onions and get them to a mild golden brown color and now add the cooled rice, adjust seasoning, a pinch of white pepper and paprika.

Once the rice is stirred with the onion and paprika, turn off the flame, add the prawns, chives and olives. Cover with a lid for a few mins. The heat is enough for cooking the prawn...

open lid add a few drops of lime, though lemon juice and it's rinds would have been kickass!!

Garnish with parsley and serve with a dry white wine and a fresh citrusy salad using black pepper corns cucumber and tomatoes...

parma ham and musk melon

parma ham and musk melon

Parma ham recipe

arma ham, musk melon alfalfa sprouts with balsamic reduction...

Table a knob of butter in a small pan on very low heat. Add 1tsp sugar 2 pinches of white pepper and a pinch of salt. Let it reduce for a few minutes. About 25% of liquid evaporate.

Let it cool and stand on the fridge

Cut strips of musk melon and parma ham.

To keep melons stiff, you cab keep them on iced water wife and a bit of sugar..

Place the parma ham on the base of plate and build it up finally with melon and alfalfa.. I separate the melon as I don't like the drips of melon liquid to it..

You can also roll parma ham with melon and place the vinegar and sprouts on the side...

This is not classical recipe without the sprouts as rolls... Using non salty cheese and rocquette lettuce works as my favorite... Esp with single malts ; happy weekend

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Bon appetit!