Hi end caterers in Delhi

You may have read some articles across the internet about us, and MiXStudio is the place to call up if you're looking for hi end caterers in Delhi. Well thanks for dropping by and let us give you a visual on what this would mean. Admittedly high end is a loosely held term, so let the images do the justice.

Needless to mention the brief was that hi end catering is the need, which again takes a few good days of prep and logistics. Each glass checked for its blemishes and marks, discarded. Nearly 4000+ pieces of varied cutlery.  A few dozens waved good bye, a few dozens rejected, and a few make it through the day.

We also had mini pizza's for the casual lovers. Most importantly the classical fiends who are the wine lovers

On picture are  the chicken liver parfait on mini crostini, salmon mousse filo tarts and smoked ham hock rillets with caramelized red onion jam.

We wanted the flavors clean, presentation modern and approach a tad bit bold. we adapted the chicken liver parfait with edible 24K gold leaves. Ham hock rillets with Garlic Aioli and Salmon mousse with Filo tart shells.


That gave us some amazing reviews hugs & lots of amazeball adulation. We love this game

Here are some of the menu components

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