This article will throw light on how to cook chicken using the multiple methods its nuances and finer details; resulting on no more shredded chicken unless you want it to be. Chicken is a delicately flavoured meat and imbibes the flavours of its surrounding, so its imperative what does around it and how it goes makes up the basics of how to cook chicken.

stove top with water

Rapid fast boil method, use a bit of bay leaves celery and carrot to ensure no dilution of flavours and  contradictory to popular belief this water is useless as a stock. To learn more on making stock water, refer to this article. The idea of making a great stock is completely the opposite; I've seen many a kitchens using this water but this is primarily garbage

Uses of fast boil:

I use this method to give the chicken a firm outer skin that'll turn more crispy in the oven. We blanch the chicken twice over running water and chilled water to form the skin and disallow it from losing juices. Over the period of cooking, the hot water tightens the skin and cold water disallows the cooking and making the skin more tighter. Before this method the chicken is always resident in a brine solution (water + salt) to soak in the required salt . Remember if this chicken was not in a brine and the skin and now firmed up, it will not marinade well. So the method is Brine - Blanch - marinade a few hours- onto the oven, baste regularly with marinade or butter.

Another use of fast boiling chicken, this can be used for soups sandwiches or salads. Season the water with a few peppers and bay leaf and salt, a fast boil will disallow juices to flow out. Remember to not reheat chicken more than twice. while boiled chicken in the fridge stays fresh a few days.

chicken cooking chart

Cooking chart for chicken

how to cook whole chicken

Whole chicken as explained can be done the oven method or barbecue, my personal favorite as yet is a good tandoori. The temperature setting for a medium sized bird would be 30 minutes over a 180 heat. Skin on chicken does great on a rotisserie. But I love the slow food concept and doing this using the brine to oven method in low temperature does great.

chicken breast on the grill

For medium sized breast cook them 6 minutes each side, herb or plainly seasoned will do fine, do not shock the meat with high flame.For bone add add two extra minutes each side, this gain does good for salads when cold cut them into thin strips to have uniform slices that look gives you that "clean cut-professional slices". Breasts with skin on, can take the extra high flame in the last 45 seconds to give it that extra crispy feel and that brown  color effect.

Tip: Pour the sauce on the grill to de-glaze the pan; This will enhance the flavor of the sauce with those chicken remains.


Pan fry chicken thighs

Red meat 🙂 my favorite  part, this again needs a bit of a higher flame than breasts  which avoid releasing the juices. So a well seasoned  (oil) & heated pan prepares the best chunks start with the insides on the pan let that dry up then turn them over once they have a few brown edges. Slight butter and oil gets the colour depth easily, adding the marinade gradually as it cooks allows for the flavour to remain bold. Especially store bought sauces tend to lose intensity as they cook, in fact almost all spices or herbs mellow up. Herbs like rosemary should be used in minimal proportions on a pan, or probably used only as a marinade.

How to cook chicken pieces in a pan

A well seasoned pan is a must, glaze with oil or any other medium. this will require tossing the chicken once heated and and the slightly medium flame to not let juices keep flowing out. Once the juices are drying up toss them well to have a uniform glaze all over. In short medium to high flame, well seasoned and heated pan before the chicken goes in, move/stir/toss every few seconds to ensure uniform cooking once the juices dry out.

how to deep fry breaded chicken

Season chicken, Egg wash & mild flour  mixed, onto the breaded crumbs dust the extra crumbs onto the deep fryer on medium flame. Increase flame just before taking it out to give it a more crusty texture and achieve the desired colour. Have paper towels to soak out the oil, remember to not have an extremely hot oil, this will darken the chicken before it cooks. Raising heat levels just before removing them ensures what the colour is desired and also doesn't allow the oil to be soaked in.

how to cook chicken

how long to boil whole chicken

how to cook chicken stew

Cook the vegetables first, remember the vegetable cooking time on the saute article chicken takes lesser time to cook, small cubes can go in in the last 3-4 minutes (breasts) add an extra minute for thighs (bone off) add two more minutes if they are bone pieces. Use the bones to make a great stock that makes a great stew.


How to cook pre-seasoned chicken breasts

A minimum of 30 minutes to one hour is required to marinade or season chicken breast. Usually a white pepper and salt does well to get the bland taste for a breast off. If the breasts are large a few slits may help. Locking them in ziplock bags is a great way to have them well seasoned or marinated.

how long to boil whole chicken

Add the chicken in a large pot with bay leaves onion, carrots, celery and peppercorn and celery; add water to cover. Cover pot and bring to a boil; reduce heat to a gentle boil and cook for about 90 minutes, or until chicken meat is falling off of the bone. Remove chicken, let cool and shred or chop the meat. One can use this water as a stock for mild sauces after straining the vegetables off the water. Used this to make shredded chicken, use breast for shredded chicken recipes, use the thigh for stock preparations

How to cook chicken thighs (boil method)

Why do you boil such meat? breast deserve such lowly punishments, thighs do best in the oven, grill and barbecue. Now imagine a boiled chicken thigh! Unless you're as crappy  and lazy as a KFC or MacD or a pizza hut...  a Zinger burger ain't that bad though

How to cook chicken breasts (boil method)

Once again rapid fast boil method add a few vegetables and seasoning to not dilute the flavours.

how to boil boneless chicken breast

Bone off can be fully cooked in 8 minutes in rapid boil and bone in for about 12 minutes, leave them on the water for an extra 5 minutes; It'll cook with the residual heat. Remember breasts shred off too soon and the desired temperature at the core isn't much than 80 degrees, so don't get excited and make a curry off everything, we're too used to it!

how to boil chicken legs

Similar times as the above add 2 more minutes if its bone in, don't boil frozen chicken. Let this meat thaw out, do not cook frozen meat directly, this can be a serious health hazard


how to cook chicken using the simple roast method

180 degrees C s the maximum you should be at, depending on the size roughly 40 -50 minutes. This is in the case of a 1.6 -1.8 kg chicken, use this ratio to figure timings, remember less is more and once the chicken is out of the roast. It is still cooking and needs about 5-10 minutes to rest itself. Having the chicken skin on is one of the best ways to roast and seal the moisture, even better is to brine the bird before its marinated or roasted. Add more flavour and hydrate the bird to compensate for the loss of fluids. hopefully this article has well oriented you on how to cook chicken


chicken roast slow cooking method

Roast Chicken


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