I die a little day by day... when I see a ‘mac and cheese pizza’ or the ‘cupcake milkshake’  akin to septic tanks being revered as genius contraptions.

Every second guy is a ‘foodie’ and he’s ruining the definition of good food for all of us. CONNECTOR Food no longer seduces the senses. Neither do we indulge in the solemn pleasures of delayed gratification. Everyone’s looking for a quickie. Amidst the foodie and blogger revolution, bad food prevails like bad sex.


"Great food is like great sex. The more you have, the more you want."

—Food Writer Gael Greene


“I live to eat. One day I’ll open my café. It will be warm and personal, decorated solely by me and artisanal knick-knacks. A cute café will do great!”

…Said the investment banker. The doctor, dancer, teacher and engineer are all food enthusiasts. Food is our common hobby and passion. Or so we believe. And that’s the sole denominator ruining the food business.

Everyone has an opinion about food. Everyone’s hungry thrice a day. We all crave food. We all relish it. Some meals are like massive orgasms. You dig in with gusto and climax with a happy moan. Or a content sigh. Some are multiple massive orgasms. Some terrible and best forgotten. A bad breakfast can mar the entire day for some.

For me, food is overstated by most

Food and sex are intertwined in limbic system of the brain. The limbic system controls emotional activity. Any surprises that good food elevated our moods like sex? And, vice versa?

If sex were indeed treated like food, we would have shagging outlets. Eating and shagging outlets. If sex was less taboo, sex shops would dot alleys and malls. There would be less spurious websites selling enhancement and enlargement pills.


Of food & fornication

The innate passion to fornicate exists within all of us. But the associated taboos have ruined the experienced for most. Or at least the euphoria and pride associated with earth shattering, toe curling climaxes. Statistics tell us 30% of women have never orgasmed. And they are too shy to confront the issue head on. The men are either clueless or happily snoring post coitus. As you correlate food and sex, one’s bound to think,

“What’s wrong with food?”

Sadly passion has fucked food in equality with bad sex.



But amidst all the food enthusiasts, who’s defining good food?


Everyone’s an expert at food, sex and relationships.

What's with food business and its associated passions? Im passionate about food... i thought a cute café would do great.. so here I am, I eat to live,, ...

Don't WE all do? its sadly the most common denominator

Food maybe the most common of each ones hobby, everyone's hungry thrice a day, everybody craves food, everybody relishes, some like massive orgasms and some forgetful at best and some terrible nightmares and for me it's over stated to its expectation... (remember overstated)

between lust and hunger—and explains why the path to a sex runs right through kitchens.


Of food & fornication II

Like orgasms and sex... food activates the same pleasure centers in your cerebral parts. Being said, sex is totally taboo... if shagging each other was an accepted act in public we'd have a lot of shaggin + eating outlets, and equally the same amount of sex specialty shops and less spurious websites selling enhancement pills.

Sadly the passion has fucked food as much as bad sex prevails

Of passion derives bad sex and food too!

Food evolves that round the corner Italian joint doesn't taste as good as it used to, we traveled we discovered our ideas of pizza toppings changed, intercourses over various tables while that outlet was banging the same recipe ingredients & over the same locality thinking not much has changed!

Your definition of good food or movie or woman isn't the same..

Chilli chicken with dhania or tandoori momos is fusion for some, for some deconstructing colours to textures and flavours to its bold or understatedness defines it, food satisfaction also differs on how horny/hungry you are...

See the line?...

On an average a good 30% women haven't orgasmed i.e. don't know good sex, I feel they are the early adopters for food outlets akin to big budgets the of a well produced porn movie... Do folks who don't orgasm think of food as routine without knowing this does it... (reminding overstated)

our expectation or at least our likeablity of food has time and again produced long long menus that's similar to the categories on a porn website... Who wants endless food or sex...

Why does bad sex & food the omen we encounter most

1. We forgot to perfectly cook the chicken in the chicken and overdid the crispy or cheese toppings

2. Less is more: focus on menus that are less,
because I don't have my grandmother's secret recipe. Hint: lesser toppings = greater pizza!

3. Spot the fake: mostly the overcrowded ones are fake, people don't know hence this community orgy

No good chef ever made everything good, choose your style, reverse cowgirl or I feel doggy today or simply ask or spot between your favorite main course or meat product

4. Avoid bad sex - just like you don't know what's bad sex and your best sex was awesome, it continues bad food will exists because bad sex does.

5. Your sense of smell and taste are terribly wrong- yes most don't spot rotten food and go on this food is to die for - Exactly it is..

Hoping the underlying facts of sex food and tastes bring some light to this world...

Knowing the food business

The most famous food can be the largest franchise in any country just not the US. There are more than 40,000 Chinese takeout restaurants, which is almost three times more than McDonalds 15,000. They take little space if needed and are versatile where they fit. They're perfect for low rent areas. The purpose of them looking cheap and the same is that you know exactly what you're getting - a greasy meal for under $10. This is critical to their business, because they want you to know that they've got fortune cookies, egg rolls, and fried chicken over rice even if none of these are actually Chinese.

Yes, there is a Chinese Restaurant starter kit. If you visit a lot of the Asian supply stores for these takeouts, they have the same variation of materials over and over again. The supply stores literally have all the materials a Chinese restaurant needs because they're so ubiquitous. Essentially a Chinese takeout is one of the cheapest 'franchises' to start and run. Even the meat and food is sourced from the same companies. In NYC, the Flushing area and Chinatown areas have supply stores that offer everything a Chinese takeout needs to run from signs to menu photos. So everything is pre-made and basically standardized. They even have pre-made menu layouts too. This also makes hiring easy because the same migrant workers have been cooking the same thing, everywhere. There's even a sub-industry of products made specifically for the Chinese takeout industry. Imagine trying to sell a food invention you made to McDonalds to its 15,000 branches and the years it takes to roll out. Or you can target 40,000 Chinese takeouts and start selling now. For example, oyster pails are not found in Asia but you'll see them all over America. There are companies that make money doing nothing but selling oyster pails with 'Chinese style' takeaway prints on them.

According to a frequently cited stats on failed restaurants, 60% do not make it past the first year, and 80% go under in five years.


  1.  Location location location - what's good is expensive and beyond budgets or simply overpriced
  2. even well meaning people and intentions lack experience
  3. Sub par food
  4. Bad people management
  5. No accounting skills
  6. Spotty customer service Most don't experiment and they aren't foodies and the rest are garbage cans of sorts. Don't follow them, follow objective critics, not the food is to die for... Yes you and dysentery killed me plenty Most buy mayonnaise based dips in the name of cheese, most don't know the difference between mayo and corn starch whipped in water, most don't know the difference between a sauce that store bought or hand made, most know crap. I blame the foodies as much as the chef's Most eat frozen popcorns in the name of molecular gastronomy Most relate exotic fish to Chinese import led laden cat fish called Basa filets farm bred in lead refuse water from the lakes of China Most blog because money is to die for...... Oh yeah my blog!