A brunch is the way to my stomach or heart perhaps!

Eleven years of marriage, two kids and the humdrum of our daily life has stifled the romance or lazy a brunch to a point where if H says ‘I'll eat Maggi' I feel like a pampered princess. Yeah I know, wedded with two kids is where all great romance goes to die.

H has always been a sneaky one, pulling out surprises, sweeping me off my feet – that too had dwindled to a stop. But yesterday the man proved that he still had it in him.


The kids are off to their Naani's – I am ever so grateful for those few days! A lazy, I've-been-claimed-by-my-bed mothing and H offers to make me breakfast. Well it was almost Noon but who cares! I literally had tears in my eyes when I said ‘Yes!’ ( the maids were off-road- I don’t think I cried when I said yes to marrying him!).

Brunch Fanstasy

Happily anticipating his fluffy scrambled eggs and big glass of mango shake I dozed off for a bit. He woke me up with a glass of chilled white wine – I mean white wine in bed at around 12.30 in the afternoon and no screaming boys – dude!!! A good start to the brunch


I scrambled out of bed, hugged the stuffing out of him and went out of the room with my glass of wine – to a dining table that had been laid out with an array of dishes covered with shiny domes, a vase filled with lilies and the most amazing smells mingling around.

Brunch Surprise

Basically sneaky H had struck a deal with Manav, the poor guy was up all morning cooking us the most amazing brunch (dishes and recipes to follow). Truly the man does know the way to my heart even though the  routes keep changing;)


Our brunch was made of my favourite ingredients in a way I had never had them before – such a discovery!

Cheese Brunch Spread with figs & grapes

Cheese with figs & grapes

The brunch menu was

Watermelon & Feta cheese with balsamic & spearmint garnish -  & mini pancakes

Some cereals that nobody wanted

Kinnow juice spritzer in a champagne flute to mock a wine



Bearnaise sauce with asparagus & oven crusted sour dough bread & parma ham

Hollandaise is an emulsion of egg yolk, liquid butter, water and lemon juice (or a white wine or vinegar reduction), whisked together over the low heat of a double boiler. Additional salt, white pepper and/or cayenne pepper is used for seasoning. Hollandaise is one of the five sauces in the French haute cuisine mother sauce repertoire. These types of sauces are considered "mayonnaise sauces". Source Wiki of course. Propagators the snooty french Cordon Bleu and institutes alike. My heart beats stronger for Pan Asian food. sacré bleu you lack colour. My personal  favourite sauce is here

Meaty Brunch Course

Pork Tenderloin with ginger honey soy & those kinnow zest

Making them sous vide can be found here

Rosemary pepper lam chops with baby tomatoes & red wine reduction, which i know Chetna hates!


Arugula & Parmesan with smoke black peppers & roasted bell peppers, smoked chicken breasts

Brunch beverages

4 bottles of wine & 8 beers demolished

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