Mushrooms with paneer Ingredients

  • Paneer 300 gms
  • Button mushroom 150 gms
  • 4 small size red onions
  • (Cut into two halves each )
  • Chilli flakes half tsp
  • Mixed herbs one and half tsp
  • Two tbsp fresh tomato puree
  • One tomato cut into 4 halves
  • Salt to your taste
  • Black pepper half tsp
  • Carrot one cut in bite size
  • Butter two tbsp
  • One tbsp veg oil


  • In a non stick pan add butter and oil ( oil is used not to burn the butter )
  • Add in onion saute for a min
  • Add in the tomato and carrot
  • Salt and mixed herbs
  • Keep stirring the veggies need it be just under to retain the crunch
  • Add the mushroom and tomato puree
  • Keep on high flame and saute well
  • Now add chilli flakes paneer and black pepper
  • As i didnot have bell pepper you can add them for more colours
  • Combine them well and stir for two more mins and its done
  • Serve it as a side dish or with herb bread !!

Polly Bora

A teacher by profession and a foodie with a penchant for posting recipes every day. She loves sharing her food like your mummy feeds you!