poached eggs pepperoni


Poached eggs with pepperoni toast parfait, grilled banana & pineapple

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Hollandaise sauce

4 egg yellow


Paprika/ Cayenne pepper or kashmiri chilli if unavailable

150G unsalted butter (if salted butter use less seasoning or avoid)

Dijon mustard


Seasoning: Salt white pepper

1 Tbsp Lime


Melt the butter and keep it warm skim off any white layer from the butter

On a double boiler whisk the egg yellows with vinegar, with a tbsp of cold water for a few moment to prepare for what is to come i.e. flame of med low heat and continue whisking esp the bottom to not overcook or settling, using a hand blender / whisk is great on its slowest speed

While the water heats add the butter slowly and continue whisking for about 2-3 mins

if sauce is too thick, add a tbsp of cold water to adjust it.

Once done add very little scrapes of nutmeg grating only 2-3 times

Dijon Mustard, Paprika, salt

Poach the eggs and set the pepperoni over toasted bread and let it stay on the over for 2 mins 180 degrees C

On a separate boiler paoch the eggs on water until the yolks are pretty much soft ad the egg white form shape,

Strain the eggs place them on the pepperoni toast and pour over the sauce


  • Hollandaise needs a double broiler
  • It needs clear butter to enable the smooth texture
  • for  a step by step instructions click here

Such classic heroic dish consist of a poached egg topped with a bed of ham bacon or spinach, accompanied with English muffin.  hollandaise sauce, which is typically poured over the top of dishes, Hollandaise sauces are the classis and among the mother sauces of Frech cooking.  My favorite is ALWAYS the nutmeg flavoured sauce

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Bon Appetit!

Hollandaise was required here, but I am lazy!

Parma ham