Sous vide pork belly

Sous Vide and that too pork belly is my favorite

This method a french term for slow cooking,heston blumenthal and others pioneered it: Ides is to not shock the meat and retain its moisture and colour & juiciness..

usually the meat is on a sublime marinade and salt, preferably rock or sea and herbs or base ingredient salt added to a minimal level with a crushed garlic or so for a period of 12-24 hrs on a vacuum pack.

I have used make do equipment and posting this to so that we can experiment this form of cooking than getting to fine dines and eating grilled/overkilled meats mentioned as sous vide. 🙂

The basic idea being: Meat cooks fully when the temperature at its core (centre) reaches a 70-80 degrees, the idea is to slowly rise the temperature of the meat uniformly inside out. resulting in the most gorgeous non fat melted rose pink meats having a great balance of fat to meat texture. The meat is usually finished with a grill or oven gratinate (browning process) to give it a crispy outer texture.

Note: Some particularly fatty pork bellies will float in the brine. Keep them submerged by placing a plate or some other type of weight on them.


Step 1 brining:

Cut the belly into more manageable pieces before brining. This does two things, it helps keep the belly small enough to fit in most water baths, as well as opening up more surface area through which brine can permeate the interior. Place the belly in the brine. Cover with a lid and place in fridge.

Stir the bellies daily. As the belly brines it will pull salt from the surrounding water. By stirring you are helping to ensure that the brine stays the same salinity throughout without "hot spots".

Brine for 96 hours.

Marinade before cooking
I took a 1.5 inch x 9 inch strip of pork belly - Rolled up soy sauce, a mashed garlic, white pepper and sea salt - wrapped it in a thick food grade plastic bag and vacuumed it manually and left it on the top most shelf of the fridge where its 2-3 degrees for 96 hours minimum. if no food grade plastic available. Wrap in foil paper, then generous amounts cling wrap and then foil again.

Step 2  method for Sous vide pork belly recipe

Use electric oven only both side heating elements on, fan for circulation on a dot 75 degrees (use a calibration thermometer of ensure its lesser than 65 degrees at least)

Set in the belly on the centre panel of the oven,, and the middle of the placement rack (center of centre on either ways) places horizontally from the L to R of rack and not front to rear of glass panel 🙂 Yes detailing matter am not being anal

Without opening the rack or being inquisitive keep the belly in for 8-9 hrs

Let the belly cool off, cut then to square slices and flash fry them before slicing.

Prepare a sauce base using 2 parts soy sauce, 1 part honey, 2 pinches white pepper, 2 pinch cinnamon and 1 tsp sesame oil. Baste a bit about 35% on the pork before flash fry

use an extremely hot iron pan to flash it making the outside crusty..

Use microgreens and salads as a side.,

I used cold vietnamese rice noodle salad.

Have fun and enjoy your sous vide pork belly!


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