Tab tim grob

Tab Tim Grob - Thai Dessert!

My interpretation of the Thai dessert Tab Tim Grob --

Pretty much an unusual dessert the crunchy textured water chestnuts make it a really refreshing dessert when combined with the sweet sugar syrup and ice.. (synthetic food color extremely optional) I use beetroot to extract this color..

Tab Tim Grob recipe

Serves 2


130 g Canned water chestnuts in sugar syrup (cut into quarters)

Lychee I used fresh however, canned does better as the flavour of each fruit is uniformed due to the sugar syrup... Fresh ones were too bold in flavour for the subtleness coconut milk offers..

16 pieces of lychee

Coconut cream (not milk) -- with a good percentage of extract (40%)

Sago/ Sabudana 75 gms

Method for making Tab tim grob

Soak/drain excess water and let the sabudana rest for an hour boil with 2 Tsp of sugar - Drain the thick liquid, wash the Sago on running water you will now have round balls and not the excess thick liquid- now introduce it to the color, let in stay in the fridge for an hour

250 ml Coconut cream

Take about 2.5 tsp of sugar stir and let the mild rest in fridge.

Ensure sugar is mixed. stir coconut cream to restore even consistency (i used the syrup of the water chestnut can)

Dessert assembly type: Build up method

Add about 2 TBsp of Sago to a bowl *(glass bowl preferably)

Now Add some roughly crushed ice

Shake the  Coconut cream to about 1 cm level above Sago

Garnish the water chestnut, if water chestnut is not drenched in coconut cream add a bit more cream

Top up with Lychee and serve immediately...

Flavour notes: Mildly sweet, crunch and citric notes of the lychee should come across boldly.. Essentially this is a light flavoured dessert, and less sugar is more to not kill the delicate flavours..

Note: Sago can can be substituted with Thai sticky rice... enjoy your tab tim grob for the summers

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