This recipe of Tuna Mango Avocado Tartare is simple and a superb companion for the summer

Tuna Mango Avocado Tartare

Tuna Tartare



(serves 4)

300gms yellow fin Tuna filet
1 lemon (zest)
3 lime (juice)
1 med Avocado
Spring onions the white green parts, thinly julienned
1 mango
Radish sliced and grated
6-8 Black peppercorns
Wasabi powder
Few drops of Tabasco
3 fresh red chilli reseeded finely chopped
Extra virgin olive oil, 3 tbsp
Sea salt
Light soya


Filet the tuna, having the centre bones off the meat and cut them to tiny 1/4 inch cubes

Similarly with the avocado and mangoes

Slice and julienne the red raddish

Combine the Lemon zest, lime juice EVOO, pepper, chopped red chilli salt wasabi soya, tobasco and whisk it lightly, you want a slightly tangy dressing. Adjust seasoning as per taste

Now combine the tuna with the dressing and let it rest in the fridge for an hour at least

Have the rest of the ingredients stored in the fridge separately

Using a small bowl or a mould make layers of tuna, mango avocado and place it on a plate garnish with raddish or coriander of you'd like... I missed out the coriander as I wanted the punch of the red chilli and the onions in between the layers were good for me

Garnish with radish and serve!

Tuna Carpaccio another variant

Tuna Carpaccio

Note: This dish requires the freshest of the tuna belly that's handled in carefully. If you're not too comfortable  handling raw meats or consuming it you could try some other recipes as mentioned below. A mild sear on the pan to the exteriors can alleviate the psychological barrier. Sometime soon I shall post a Tuna carpaccio recipe, this is and will be my favorite, surely not as bog as beef carpaccio! did i strike a nerve there. I hope not and Bon appetit my fellowmen... Food has one religion, and that is to eat! enjoy your Tuna Mango Avocado Tartare

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