Best wedding caterers in India

Since Manav is sort of a bad ass boss who only pays the hungry writer in food, the writer shall have to please him. An article on best wedding caterers in India he wants and of course he shall get cos let me tell you – for all his faults (and there are too many to count) the guy is a brilliant chef. His food – sigh – there should be an article on that too!

Go Bananas (or at least their leaves)

Born and brought up in Bangalore, my earliest memory of a catered meal is one of the religious events that people are passionate about. The whole ritual of sitting on the floor, the banana leaves laid in front of you, a procession of men serving you everything from pickle and ghee to dessert was fascinating to put it mildly. I just loved the smells of food mingled with Jasmine flowers and camphor. Also, I was a kid and my easily offended sense of smell hadn't come into play then. Eating with my hands was difficult but also my OCD hadn't developed fully by then.

You know where I’m headed right! Yes!! wedding caterers in India

The Mood Killer – Food by Wedding caterers up North

We moved to Chandigarh when I was 12. Just before that my  Masi got married in Delhi. That was when I first saw the epic proportion of people's appetites at Weddings. This was back in 2003 and trust me the people out there were hungry!!! I wonder what their thoughts were like – let’s not eat today- we’ve got a wedding to go to!! That was where I developed a revulsion of any kind of wedding food. I always wondered why hasn't a pilot crash landed on these wedding venues so much lights and glitter. Not to mention their catering is extravagantly elaborate. Manav has boycotted this blog to show you off this gallery . Also these lines are totally his idea. Not mine!!! If it wasn't for his food...

18 is the age when you actually are the life of any wedding. All I cared about was dancing – food was out of the question. So was alcohol. But one thing I discovered in these weddings was if you hit the dessert counter when people are starting dinner, it’s jackpot! No one to put you off, all the desserts look good and it is anyway the best thing to eat.

When I was 23 my sister got married – and what a mess we were. I was so stressed I didn’t eat food properly for the entire week! Family weddings are the worst to attend – I’d rather gate crash a wedding than attend one in the family ( and yes we’ve done that -later in this article).

Best wedding caterers in India

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Here comes the Hungry Bride

If I was too stressed to eat at my sister’s wedding you can imagine the state of affairs at my own wedding. Overall it was a really chilled out wedding, but my aversion to food kept me away from it till the damn photographer got after our asses to feed each other. Yeah yeah I know – but this was 2006 and I was quite docile. Though H and I hated it we gave in until the Reception. Our Reception had been catered by this really classy caterer from Amritsar (as per Army standards) and they had a part sit down and part buffet system because the Army top brass was attending. The best part was, for the sit down bit everybody forgot about the bride and groom! We grabbed plate put some food on it and escaped!!!! That was the first time I ate at a wedding – just a few freely eaten bites but the whole experience of hiding and eating made it so much fun. I remember having Methi Malai Matar for the first time in my life and falling in love with that too. The best part was when the pesky photographer found us, our plate was empty and the picture he took with H glaring defiantly at the camera and me laughing was epic!

After our wedding there was a spate of weddings in H’s family. When his twin brother got married, we got the sit down with the bride and groom dinner – and it was difficult for me. The stress was making me crazy and everyone expected me to eat!!

Wedding Crashers and Hunters of Good Caterers

H used to frequently tell me stories of crashing weddings when he was younger- and the forbidden pleasure of it all made me keep asking him to do it atleast once. The first time we attempted it, it was in Chattarpur and we were at a friend's wedding. The food was really really sad – and there were three other weddings near by. We just walked into them – sadly the food there was quite unremarkable so we didn’t et anything.

Another time we had all our wedding finery out as there had been a wedding just the day before. We were headed out for dinner when we crossed The Grand in Vasant Kunj- we lived like 5 minutes away. It suddenly struck me that the time to crash a good wedding was perfect- we rushed back home changed and in 15 minutes with a Ritu Kumar Sari, full make up and diamonds on we entered the venue – At the gate, as we were driving in they asked us whose function we were there for – Jains or Malhotras. Knowing the Jains would have vegetarian food we calmly said Malhotras. Long story short, we were stuck with vegetarian food as the Malhotras were having a Sagan function with a havan. We did socialise with the girls parents and pigged out on the desserts – which were amazing! I highly recommend crashing a wedding once atleast – it is an adventure where you totally let yourself free, chat with strangers as if you are family and eat with complete abandon!

It’s only after my older son was born that a lot of H's friends got married and I started pecking tentatively at the food in some of the weddings. That year we had a wedding every weekend – we were going crazy and the food just kept repeating itself! How much can one eat of the same thing- presented as differently and creatively as they could!!!  At one of the weddings I remember they had even put up a Dominos counter and were serving personal size pizzas – the gimmicks were crazy.

This whole article has only been about how I avoided food by Wedding caterers in India. But let me tell you this – if any of these weddings had the kind of sane sit down dinners they do in English weddings, I wouldn't have spent a lifetime avoiding food at various weddings.

And I’m not just flattering this guy, but if the kind of caterers had been of Manav’s capabilities, I’d have snuck food home for later!

Again- anything with the headings and repetitive words are all his to blame. I will be back with more travel adventures!

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