Best office inauguration Catering in Delhi - Chase Legal - Kailash Colony


Office catering Case leagal

Main course spread

Let us present you some images and menu feeler from last nights event catering. Yes we're obsessed about being the best


We turned around this event in a matter of hours of being approached, we closed the menu at 11 am and were ready on location with appetizers by 7 pm

Office catering

Main course menu

Menu Orientation & Service Requirement


The Menu Is Crafted Keeping In Mind, An Evening Cocktail Dinner And Pass Around Trays,  Canapes And Buffet Services Comprising Main Course and Dersserts being spread out

Primarily A Mildly Warm Pre Winter Menu, considering this was the best time menu an office Catering in Delhi in the given season.


Check our article on how this menu was developed keeping flvour profiles in mind




Appetiser & Pass Around Trays


Tossed Garlic Basil King Prawns


Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken Skewers


​Balsamic Tuna Carpaccio


​Grilled Lamb Kebabs With Cheese N Bbq Sauce

Steamed Mustard ​Fish  Ramekins ​With Ginger​

Cocktail Caramelized Onion Feta Cheese Quiche​

Tarragon Mushroom ​ Filo Baskets

Thin Crusted  ​Cheese Sun Dried Tomato​,Basil Pesto ​ Pizza


Platters Of Anti Pasto  Greek Yogurt Dips​


Smoked ​Cream Cheese Dips​ Grapes,​ Blue Chips ​Lavash & Olives

Tuna Carpaccio


Organic Rocket Fresh Mango​ Feta & Walnut Dressing

​Fresh Winter Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella Balsamic ​Basil Dressing

Main Course

Freshly Baked Winter Vegetable ​Flan Pie​

Spinach & Feta ​Ravioli With Paprika Sun Dried Tomato's & Creamy Cheese Sauce


​Oven ​Roasted ​Chicken In Tarragon Sauce ​With Chargrilled Garlic Peppers Onions​


S​liced Roast ​Leg Of Lamb With Red Wine Jus, Baby Potato's ​Shallots & Green Beans​

Grilled Fillets Of Sole Fillets ​With Orange ​Dill N Lime Infusion​

Grilled Pesto Cottage Cheese With ​Roasted Cherry Tomato Basil Salsa

Garlic Butter Tossed Fresh Asparagus Zucchini & Baby Corn


Creamy Potato Mash With Tossed ​Shitake Mushrooms ​Onions​ ​

Dessert spread chase legal

Office catering dessert setup



Dark Chocolate Almond Praline Cake​

Mascarpone ​Peach ​Halves With Pistachio

F​resh  Strawberry's

​Orange Zest Ice Cream Glasses


Espresso & Green Tea




The appetizers won huge praises, so did the main course, while the desserts were eagerly awaited and were the stars of the evening! So yes we can say, we did a fine job here!


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